Coastal Plain Area EOA, Inc. is currently accepting appointments for the LIHEAP utility bill payment assistance using this online scheduler.

Within minutes of making your appointment, you should receive a confirmation email with a calendar appointment attached to the email. In addition, you will also receive a phone reminder the day before your appointment.

Appointments can be changed or canceled at any time on this website. You can also make or cancel an appointment at any time (24/7) by using our automated phone system by dialing below phone numbers and following the instructions.

  • Ben Hill County: (229) 234-4475
  • Berrien County: (229) 329-0904
  • Brooks County: (229) 329-3864
  • Cook County: (229) 234-4112
  • Echols County: (229) 234-4114
  • Irwin County: (229) 234-4115
  • Lanier County: (229) 234-4116
  • Lowndes County: (229) 351-4936
  • Tift County: (229) 234-4113
  • Turner County: (229) 234-4129
  • Lake Park: (229) 329-0994


Please choose the county of your residence

Failure to bring all required documentation with you to your appointment will delay your assistance.

For a full list of documents, please visit our website